Lost In Chance

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About Lost In Chance

Recently divorced teacher, Chrisna, is stuck in her small-town life in South Africa.

One day, she angrily tells her best friend that she would like to throw her wedding ring off the top of the Eiffel Tower. So her friend gifts her a five-day trip to Paris, for her thirtieth birthday, to do just that.

Unsure of whether she would actually be able to do it, she sets off, unprepared for the life-changing adventure, quirky new friend, and romance that await her, as she gets lost in chance. 

Reader Reviews

“This quirky romantic adventure is not only an easy read, but will also capture your heart from the very first page and keep you enthralled until the very end. Chrisna’s, the main character, failed relationship sends her on an exciting journey, with a surprising destination. It is refreshing and engaging and the ideal choice for anyone who loves light-hearted novels with an interesting romantic twist.”

Annelien van Basten, Freelance Writer and Journalist  

“Ms Jacobs creates characters I wish I knew, and tells a story I feel like I was somehow part of! A fun tale about allowing yourself to be so much more than you thought you could be. A binge-worthy read for a beach holiday, a cold winter weekend or if you would like to escape to Paris.”

Chandré Bo, Actress and Blogger

“Flirting with a local flair in a far off land. ‘Lost in Chance’ becomes part of finding yourself with a deep, gratifying sigh. It beautifully captures the need to grow, let love blossom where it has taken root and accept what is meant to be. An easy, but sentimental read that will have you hug those you love a little tighter and dream a bit more extravagantly about what can be.”

Wenchy, Social Media Diva and Blogger

“Such a beautiful story. It’s exactly the kind of book I enjoy reading. Lize Jacobs really has a gift for plotting. I still think about the story daily and the travel bug bit me really hard. I’d love it on my e-reader, with a box of Romany Creams on the side, and in bed… AAAaaaaah…”

Lizette Balsdon, Editor / Copywriter

About Lize

Lize Jacobs was born and raised in Pretoria, South Africa, where she still resides. Although this is her first publication, she has been writing since she could remember, not knowing that being a writer was who she truly was.

She has worked in the video industry for many years; Producing, Directing, Filming, Editing, and Scriptwriting. But her love for film has allowed her to Produce, Direct and Write several acclaimed short films over the years.

Privileged enough to have been able to travel overseas, to places like Alaska, Mexico, Tuscany, Munich, London, Paris and several African Countries, she has discovered a love for other cultures and the stories hidden in foreign locations.

She is passionate about the diversity and influence of dialogue and celebrates the art of story-telling across all genres.

Her aim is to keep publishing and write film scripts, telling stories which can linger in a person’s souls for a little while, hopefully bringing some joy.

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